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Story Behind Tribal Tattoo Designs

Tribal Tattoo (12)
Many ancient cultures embraced the concept of tattooing. A person who wants to express themselves is able to put some ink on their body. The Samoans were one of the first cultures to adopt the concept of tattooing. The sailors and those who traveled to different parts of the world are the people who can be tied to the fact that tattooing became popular within Western culture. Western culture has benefited from the tribal tattoo, the amount of income created through the world of self-expression has generated a lot of prosperity.
Scholars still talk about whether each specific culture had their own version of tattooing or not. African warriors were known to wear their tattoos out to the battlefield. The tattoos could be viewed as a type of intimidation tactic. Egyptians also used tattoos as a way to show allegiance to their God, many of them choosing to worship the Sun God.
The idea of using a tattoo to express your faith is nothing new, many people also used tattoos as a way to honor the dead. Egyptians cared deeply about the process of honoring things that they cared about so it certainly makes sense for them to patiently put together tattoos.
Tribal tattoos would be carved on with a dowel as opposed to the more exact needles and much more high-tech instruments that they use today. It would be safe to say that the tattooing process these days is not nearly as painful, but some would also say that there isn't as much devotion to the concept either, some people may think that tattoos should only be put on your body in salute to a serious matter.
Needles were used in the past to help with the tattooing process, but you know that women tended to put nicer designs on their stomachs and other things. There was a great sense of community among many tribe and the idea that the tattoo was viewed as a symbolic protection of the child is a sign of that sense of community. It is also a sign that the tattoos can be more than just a sign use for intimidation as you go into battle, they can be used for the protection of the common good.
The belly of a pregnant woman is something that would often be tattooed. The citizens would put a tattoo on the mother's stomach as a way to show that they wanted the child to grow up in a happy and healthy fashion. The health of a child can benefit from the love and care of the group, it is a way to make sure that people are able to focus on the idea of taking care of children. Tribal tattoos are something that we have been learning about for centuries. A number of different cultures have focused on the world of tattoos in order to show a certain level of creativity. The diamond patterns and other symbols that would be put on a woman's chest is something that should be noted for its creativity. Diamonds could also be viewed as a way to signify beauty and how much a woman was valued within their society.

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