Friday, June 29, 2012

Robots Tattoos

One innovation that needs to be considered for the tattoo industry is a robotic computerized tattooing machine. Such a machine would allow the operator to strap in the customer, and hold their body part in place. This way they could not move, but if they did the machine would sense the movement, and stop as to not damage the tattoo design. Using micro-lasers, and visual recognition systems, similar to those which are used for facial recognition at high security checkpoints, all of this is totally possible.
This Laser Tattoo system could even be self regulated, and operated from a kiosk machine. The customer, would merely place their arm in the saddle; select image; "Are you totally sure about image # 1688? (Y) or (N)," and the machine would start. It could be sold all over the world, and the machine can operate in any language. A laser tattoo system could tattoo any design perfectly without flaws very easily.

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