Friday, June 15, 2012

Angel Wings Tattoo Design for Women

One of the most bold and  popular angel tattoos for women features angel wings inked across the
back. Often this design is larger and will span almost the entire length and width of the woman's back and shoulders but there are many tattoo's designed smaller to cover just the upper shoulder/shoulder blade area. Some women choose to have these tatt's colored in while most prefer the black and white approach. Either way this is one angel tattoo that will be hard to miss and even harder to forget.

Guardian Angel Tattoo Designs for Women

Guardian angels have long been believed to watch over and protect individuals and for that reason have become a popular design chose amongst women. Guardian angel tattoo's can come in all sorts of personalized looks and styles but often feature strong, protective, loving or fierce looking angels as opposed to soft and dainty as many imagine with an angelic creature. Depending on the reason and thought behind each tattoo many of these specific styles of body art are  accented by the names of the woman's loved ones, most commonly children and significant others.

Cherub Tattoo Designs for Women

Cherub or baby angel tattoos are another popular choice when it comes to angelic bodyart for women. These cute little angels can be sought for so many reasons including memorializing a child, honoring the birth of a child, size or simply because they are cute and can appear quite feminine. Since these little angels are so compact they are great for smaller areas such as ankles, abdomen, neck and arms.

Tribal Angel Tattoo Designs for Women

Tribal tattoo's are seen more and more amongst men and women alike but women seem to be sporting tribal ink work more often than just a few years ago. Tribal angel and angel related tattoo's can be seen in many styles including simple line art tribal styles or more extensive and detailed designs with some of everything in betw een. Below are some attractive, womens tattoo designs.

Good Vs. Evil Tattoo's for Women

Tattoo's depicting devilish angels, fallen angels, angelic she-devils or good vs. evil are other options that are quite frequently chosen by women looking for angel tattoo's. You have probably seen many of the tattoo's pictured below (or ones similar to the depicted photo's) and that should help show you just how popular and in fashion this ink style is.

There are many other styles, designs and body art masterpieces that depict angels that a woman can choose but these show some of the most common themes chosen by women looking for angel tattoo designs. I hope you enjoyed these pics and if you were looking for ink ideas hopefully you found those as well.

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