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tasha smith why did i get married

The film opens with Terry's (Tyler Perry) and Dianne's (Sharon Leal) son playing with a ball and Terry takes him to the living room. Dianne and Terry leave to go to their marriage retreat. They arrive at the airport and a loud argument signals Angela (Tasha Smith) and Marcus' (Michael Jai White) arrival. Terry and Marcus go to get information about their delayed flight. The woman at the desk recognizes Marcus and Angela embarrasses him by making a scene, screaming at Marcus about flirting with the clerk. Sheila (Jill Scott) and Troy (Lamman Rucker) first arrive at the resort, revealing through conversation that Troy cannot find a job since they moved and are broke, and that they have a newborn son. Patricia (Janet Jackson) and Gavin (Malik Yoba) then arrive at the resort, followed by Terry and Dianne, then Angela and Marcus. The men and the women separate; the four men talk about the good and bad about their marriages and the women do the same. Sheila's ex husband, Mike (Richard T. Jones), arrives and Angela immediately starts a fight until he leaves the women alone to go see the guys.

Tasha Smith in Why Did I Get
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Why Did I Get Married
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Tasha Smith
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Tasha Smith is a larger than
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Tasha Smith: Hey, Kam Williams
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Tasha Smith - Why Did I Get
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Why Did I Get Married?
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That night, Mike talks about his and Sheila's relationship, which angers Troy. Dianne accidentally calls Terry "Phil" in the course of conversation. Angela is insistent about getting the password to Marcus' cell phone because she distrusts him, but Marcus distracts her using sex. Dianne and Terry hear arguing later and think it's Angela and Marcus but it turns out to be Patricia and Gavin. When Dianne goes to investigate, she finds Patricia but cannot get Patricia to tell her what's wrong. The next morning Sheila makes it clear that though Mike says he misses her, she is completely over him. At the beach the women meet an elderly couple after they accidentally throw a friend's ashes on Angela. Sheila invites them to dinner and they accept. At the "Why Did I Get Married" ceremony, Patricia announces that she and Gavin are getting a divorce in front of everyone. Gavin walks away from her upset because he didn't know she was going to announce it to them.

Tasha Smith's in Why Did I
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Tasha Smith (as Angela),
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love and hate her at the
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Tasha Smith and sister Sidra
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Tasha Smith Actress Tasha
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Tasha Smith Actress Tasha
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Tasha Smith - Why Did I Get
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"Why Did I Get Married?"
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"Why Did I Get Married?"
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"Why Did I Get Married?"
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Tasha Smith: On A Roll,
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Why Did I Get Married - New
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Tasha Smith (Why Did I Get
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Why Did I Get Married Too? has
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I Wanna Be Sienna Miller
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